On Freedom OF Religion

Allow me to preface my remarks by saying that I am not a lawyer, I am not a college graduate who is studied any of the law. And this is just a plain text reading and understanding of it, prior to any judicial presidents.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution-

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

First, to understand  the need for this amendment ,you would do well to  remember that at the time of the framing  of this document,  the United States had just broken away from England.  At that time  the church had unspoken control  over the state.  England basically had a state  instituted religion, the Church of England .if the state should make a law  that the church did not like, the state  would have to throw their law out.

In looking over this amendment you will notice that it specifically states Congress  shall make no law respecting  religion for or against it .it does not say that it does not want religion in  government, or  for the people not to practice it.  In this way the framers  left open the choice of the people to either practice or not practice a religion.

The first part shows that Congress cannot  say you will practice a religion,  and follow these rules of that ,or belong to a specific sect of religion .

The second part says that Congress  cannot say you can not practice a religion .

In all this it recognizes that Congress is the lawmaker  and says Congress cannot make any laws for or against it therefore leaving the  individual practice up to the people .

This also says, that  because there cannot be any laws for or against ,that if a particular department of the government wishes to insert prayer  they are welcome to as it is not prohibited . As a matter of point Congress  since the inception has always started off with a prayer .this is important to signify that the framers  were okay with religion and government .or if they did not want religion and government  as so many group’s say ,they would not start  each session off with prayer.

So to all the organizations  against prayer,  your thoughts on the Constitution prohibiting it in government  are misled.  As the framers,  some religious some not,  deemed it important to leave  the choice of the expression of religion  to the people that either  wish or not  to practice that religion,  and not too exclude  it from the possibility  that you may wish to  exercise the right of religion .


A.G. Sessions Boots 49 Lawyers

Yes, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “your fired” to a bunch of attorneys.

But, Did you know they were all political appointees from the Obama administration? Does anyone that is politically appointed actually think they have a life time job now? If they do they are fools. I have been watching and seeing that anytime the Trump administration does the expected things that a different party does, they get all mad and report in the utmost outrage the partial facts so you will get mad too at what is totally normal for a new regime.

When Mr Obama was elected, yes there were some questions, but the right  did not go to the extents of what we are seeing now to try to block anything Mr Trumps administration does. Please folks, It is time to get over the fake madness right now, and help the new administration keep the country running. Are there going to be changes to programs? Yes. But that is what a majority of the voting public, minus California and New York, wanted. So let’s get together, pull up our boots, and get to work. If you genuinely see something that is unlawful or wrong, yes please do speak up. But don’t call for a civil war over it. Go thru the channels, do it right. Elsewise you make yourselves to be fools and babies that are mad because they didn’t get their way.



(constitutional conservative, not a minion for either side)

President Trump ,Game, set, ?????

ok let me see if i can put my thoughts together right here. yes I think O tapped Trump. But this was a great play by Mr Trump. Think about it.with those 4 tweets and a call for an investigation, he may have just shut up the dems on all this russian stuff. I mean now when they try to pull the russian card, all they have to do is say where did you get it, off the wire taps? especially if they say there were no taps. game set , match? winner Trump????

President Trumps 2nd EO on Imigration

Hi All;

After looking at the new EO on the temporary suspension on immigrationI have a question. This EO has so many exclusions, Just who does it stop from coming in? This has been watered down so much that IMO it doesn’t stop anyone from those countries. Is this what the courts and the left really want? to make it so that the President has little to no power in restricting travel? Does this EO actually do anything?

The first part of the EO is mostly complaining about the courts. Then it goes on with pretty good wording explaining why. Then it goes into the exclusions(which are many possibly not stopping anyone). And a 10 day wait to start it? Come on, This type of EO should be effective immediately especially with all the exclusions which include anyone in transit.

I would expect to see in 90 days another EO restricting travel to certain countries based on the SOS and HS recommendations. The left has won this round.

Here is the link for the EO on the Whitehouse site –


As always comments are welcome


Thought for the day on Politics

A few thoughts on the last day or so. I think Senator McCarthy would be so proud of the democratic party right now. In their zeal to quash the Trump Presidency they have gone full out on anything that might do with Russia and those bad communists. The left is definitely trying so hard to blame the Russians on the couple of leaks that basically killed their chances for Ms Clinton to be president and the loss of the many offices that the Democrats held.

Some history as I remember it. During the campaign wikileaks released a bunch of stuff from the Clinton and Podesta emails. It was also found that Ms Clinton was running her own private mail server in the basement of her house (against federal law) while she was secretary of state. In those emails it was shown how many dubious and unlawful acts they were committing. The public was shown all this and they voted against her. The DNC was also hacked and stuff came out on that too. According to the RNC they were not hacked because they had better firewall protection and a company actively protecting them, in defference to the DNC who were not doing as much to protect themselves.

Now as far as I can tell, with all that was published in various media, Mr. Podesta was his own worst enemy succumbing to a phishing scheme that any 12 year old can do. (send out a fake email to have you click on a link to change your password). The Clinton and DNC leaks were said to have been from an insider in the DNC (according to wikileaks). In all the investigations by the FBI, CIA, DHS, et al. there was never any proof of Russian collusion.

I had a thought that the Democrats do not understand the way Mr Trump works, In that he will try to make friends with you, so the deal of the day can be struck, unless you stab him in the back. In his quest to make America great again, he is taking the odd track of the OLD enemies are now a possible ally, in that they have done nothing wrong. The democrats want nothing more than to reup the cold war and keep them as enemies. This is the old stogie world view that many want to keep up. There is also the old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer that Mr Trump may be following?

The Democrats have said from day 1 after Mr. Trump won the campaign that they will not accept him and will do everything they can to stop him and delay him. (that’s an important thing right there that leads to all the other stuff that is going on right now). I think it is time for Mr. Trump to ask the IG to investigate and charge the lead Democrats with the following federal offense, Impeding the smooth transition of the Presidency. Yes this can be proved just by the facts and tapes of the lead Democrats from any one of the leading networks.

Now the question is, what can we as private citizens do to stop this? Apparently not too much, Other than writing and calling our various congress critters and letting them know how we feel. Start a petition on the White House site? But I am an optimistic pessimist in a state that I know that anything I say will just be put to the side due to my state having some famous Democrat congress critters (New Jersey). So much for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. When you get representatives that don’t represent you and only follow the party line, your screwed.

So for now all I can do is cry out in the deep woods into the fierce wind for some sanity, all the while knowing it will do nothing. At least that’s the way it feels to the average citizen. But at this point I will call on the justice department to look into charges of hindering the smooth and peaceful transition of power. knowing it won’t be done. I even know that while I post this to my blog and ask people to read it, that almost no one will. (people are to lazy to click on the link).


In a National Surprise – Hillary becomes the 46th President

In a surprise move, Mrs Clinton brought action today against the electoral college after they turned her down for President. She appeared before the 9th circuit today and battled against the DOJ and the court today released their opinion. The court decided that it was totally unfair that she lost after having paid off so many people and taking so many bribes.

After the decision Mr. Trump was heard to say “that so called court today really blew it”. Mrs. Clinton was overjoyed and said “about time those little f****ers got it right. Bill stay away from the interns.” republicans are totally outraged and promised to block everything she attempts to do, and since they have the majority in congress it may be a while before Senator McCain will be able to pay off the rest of the republicans  to allow Mrs Clinton to continue the Obama legacy.

In other news Justice Alito was found dead in his bedroom today of an apparent suicide. No further info is available at this time.

On Mrs Trump and the Lords Prayer

I am looking at all this feigned anger from the left about something  so simple. What did Mrs. Trump do wrong? She as a private citizen, simply read the Lord’s prayer. Mrs. Trump is not an employee of the federal government. She is just the wife of the president. Does having the husband who may work at say Intel, make the white employee of Intel? No. Mrs. Trump is not paid by the government she was not elected to the government, she has no way a part of the government other than, an honorary position of FLOTUS.

Secondly, people are making more out of what is not there in the Constitution. The only thing the Constitution says about separation of church and state is, that Congress shall make no law for or against it. Simple.

This is just another made-up outrage from those that are acting like babies about losing an election. Get over it. This is a new president with a new way of doing things. He was voted in to do exactly what he is attempting to do. The fact that he is going to tear up a lot of field politicians ways of life, a well. Maybe it’s about time.