KKK support of Mr Trump a Plot?

Hi. Been sitting here thinking(never good) and had a thought.

We have been told that the KKK is a radical democratic group, right? An we all know that most of the media and most of the politicians are against Mr Trump(evidenced by all the twisted news and congressional voting records). What if, just if, to try and discredit the President starting all the way at the election, They all decided, hey let’s try this, let’s do a reverse attack using the KKK on Mr Trump? Yes that’s right a reverse attack, IOW: let the KKK  support him voraciously and then attempt to link Mr Trump to them in any fake way we can.

What would this do? well it might erode his base thinking no sane non racist person would affiliate with the KKK. We must withdrawl our support. And even when denounced by Mr Trump a favorable statement from Mr Duke will keep it going.

How can I say this? well I am seeing the many denouncements from Mr Trump about the KKK. Yet even when he does it seems the media finds some way to twist it to him supporting them.  ex: Saturday he denounced many groups in the protest. they said he didn’t denounce the kkk.  Ok so at the time of the speech he says he didn’t have all the information in. Then on Monday he strongly denounced them. The media still wasn’t happy. said it was too late. ughhh. then on Tuesday after he had gotten all the information in from his sources, he denounced them and other groups that apparently the msm and congress likes.(anti-fa, blm,…. ). that led to such a brouhaha in the media they blew their minds. I mean he actually put down their groups as a hate group. and then Mr duke posted a message in defense of the President and salvaged their narrative.

There’s a couple things the media keeps trying to blame him for. That there were many fine people on both sides, remark. if you listen to it he said that were not involved in the violence, which he later clarified to be not with either group but there to protest the removal of the statue. And then there’s the point that he actually had the temerity to support the first amendment rights of a hate group. Yes that’s right, hate speech is actually a protected first amendment right. So he was defending the constitution. weird huh? with that remark the media et al. decided that meant he was defending the KKK and therefore must be in bed with them.

I have watched his speeches and his tweets and no where in them can I find anything other than support of the constitution. Since when is it racist to support and defend the constitution? Do I Like either of the sides involved in that fracas? No. IMO they are all hate groups and deserve none of my support. Do I support and defend the constitution? yes to the best of my ability. Do I think that there was wrong on all sides and corruption in the way the politicians in local and state government handled this? A big yes. And yes I think they will all still, no matter what he says, try to hang that banner on Mr Trump. After all, he is not the anointed one that the msm and politicians wanted. yep, he does things a bit different. and that’s why we elected him. We simply did not want yet another politician in that office.


Thought for the day on Politics

A few thoughts on the last day or so. I think Senator McCarthy would be so proud of the democratic party right now. In their zeal to quash the Trump Presidency they have gone full out on anything that might do with Russia and those bad communists. The left is definitely trying so hard to blame the Russians on the couple of leaks that basically killed their chances for Ms Clinton to be president and the loss of the many offices that the Democrats held.

Some history as I remember it. During the campaign wikileaks released a bunch of stuff from the Clinton and Podesta emails. It was also found that Ms Clinton was running her own private mail server in the basement of her house (against federal law) while she was secretary of state. In those emails it was shown how many dubious and unlawful acts they were committing. The public was shown all this and they voted against her. The DNC was also hacked and stuff came out on that too. According to the RNC they were not hacked because they had better firewall protection and a company actively protecting them, in defference to the DNC who were not doing as much to protect themselves.

Now as far as I can tell, with all that was published in various media, Mr. Podesta was his own worst enemy succumbing to a phishing scheme that any 12 year old can do. (send out a fake email to have you click on a link to change your password). The Clinton and DNC leaks were said to have been from an insider in the DNC (according to wikileaks). In all the investigations by the FBI, CIA, DHS, et al. there was never any proof of Russian collusion.

I had a thought that the Democrats do not understand the way Mr Trump works, In that he will try to make friends with you, so the deal of the day can be struck, unless you stab him in the back. In his quest to make America great again, he is taking the odd track of the OLD enemies are now a possible ally, in that they have done nothing wrong. The democrats want nothing more than to reup the cold war and keep them as enemies. This is the old stogie world view that many want to keep up. There is also the old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer that Mr Trump may be following?

The Democrats have said from day 1 after Mr. Trump won the campaign that they will not accept him and will do everything they can to stop him and delay him. (that’s an important thing right there that leads to all the other stuff that is going on right now). I think it is time for Mr. Trump to ask the IG to investigate and charge the lead Democrats with the following federal offense, Impeding the smooth transition of the Presidency. Yes this can be proved just by the facts and tapes of the lead Democrats from any one of the leading networks.

Now the question is, what can we as private citizens do to stop this? Apparently not too much, Other than writing and calling our various congress critters and letting them know how we feel. Start a petition on the White House site? But I am an optimistic pessimist in a state that I know that anything I say will just be put to the side due to my state having some famous Democrat congress critters (New Jersey). So much for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. When you get representatives that don’t represent you and only follow the party line, your screwed.

So for now all I can do is cry out in the deep woods into the fierce wind for some sanity, all the while knowing it will do nothing. At least that’s the way it feels to the average citizen. But at this point I will call on the justice department to look into charges of hindering the smooth and peaceful transition of power. knowing it won’t be done. I even know that while I post this to my blog and ask people to read it, that almost no one will. (people are to lazy to click on the link).