My latest worries


Hi all, I am starting to get really worried. I am looking at all the gun-control stuff and figuring out that we are like a frog in water, and that water is getting hot. We see every day how the federal government is making laws to make our lives better? First they took away handguns to anyone under 21, now they are starting to talk about taking away, either all guns, or certain guns for anyone under the age of 21. Guns like the AR 15 and so on. You know all the scary looking guns that are no more than what you used to shoot at cans.

When are we as a people going to understand  the reasons that our forefathers made the amendments and the Constitution .in the case of the second amendment it was to protect us  and our state from all enemies  both foreign and domestic.  I realize we just went through a tragedy  and emotions are high.  But we must remember not to act in haste  and make waste.  If we whittled down all the little things to nothing  then there is nothing left.  Background checks, licensing, okay.  But to limit us in the weapon choices that we have would be to take away our ability  to defend ourselves and our state .

I am asking everybody to keep an eye out our local legislatures  or state legislatures and our federal Congress  and president to make sure that  in their zeal  to protect children  (great reason to take away our  rights, the children ?) They do not exceed  the Constitution.

Thank you and God bless



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