open letter to Governor Scott

Dear Sir;

This is an open letter to ask you to reject the measure to raise the age to buy a gun to the age of 21. This measure is unconstitutional and breaks federal law. As you know the age a person becomes an adult is the age of 18, and the constitution states that you can not infringe on the right to bear arms. that right is moderated by making it be an adult that buys the gun. If you think that the constitutions 2nd amendment only bears on the militia, 10 USC 246 defines the unorganized militia to be any male citizen ages 17-45 and any female citizen that is in the national guard ages 17-45. By raising the age to 21 you are denying the constitutional rights to a wide swath of Americans.

This action WILL lead to lawsuits challenging this bill as unconstitutional. Please follow your oath to support and defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I realize that after Parkland there is a wide call for any measure that feels good. But we have to be mindful of making sure that we do not abridge the US constitution in the wake of such speedily crafted legislation meant to stifle the public outcry that something be done.

I realize that I have no oar in the water for this one as I am not a resident of your great state, but, we must all assure to stop any attempted whittleing down of our basic laws and covenants.

as always

Thank you

Glenn Singer

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