A simple question?????

I have what is supposed to be a simple question. I mean how hard can it be? Is it or isn’t it?

How old does a person have to be to be considered an adult?
Now this sounds like a simple question doesn’t it? But let’s consider what is true. Is a person an adult at 16? Surely they must be, I mean you do a heinous act and in the eyes a lot you can be charged as an adult. But wait they don’t consider you an adult yet you have any freedoms in most states you can’t even drive a car. Okay, then how about 17? At that age you can go out and get a drivers license and be able to take control of one of the most dangerous weapons we have, a car. But now that’s not the age of adulthood. Nope nope nope. How about 18? most states say you are an adult. OK, you can vote, you can make all your own decisions, you are capable of living on your own with out parental supervision. You can serve in the army.

But wait, that isn’t right. You can not decide to have a beer, in some states you can not decide to have a cigarette, and other things you as an 18 year old ADULT can not do.

ok so lets see what the next milestone is, hmmmmm, 21? ok now your talking, you have all the rights of an adult right? but wait, under the ACA you are still not held totally responsible, not until you turn 26? What?

Now I hear proposals from various place to make it unlawful to buy a rifle until your 21? What about the 18 year old that is out of his parents house, paying his own bills, has a wife, and a kid? is he not proving to be an adult?  would that be against the constitution? (isn’t there a thing that a miltia can be manned by any citizen 18-45 in the state?) So how can raising the age of owning a gun well past the age for the militia be right?
Now we have to decide, what is the age of an adult? and stick to it. Surely if you can finance a house, go to war, buy a car, live without parental supervision, and all the other many things an adult can do at the age of 18, that should be the age. period. Either that or it is time to raise the age of adulthood to some other arbitrary number and stick to it. And if we are going to stick to it, then make it for everything. Including the age to be tried as an adult. If the law says you are an adult at 18, then by not allowing a gun till you are 21 that would be unconstitutional as you are now denying the rights of the constitution to an adult.

Like I said a simple question. right!!!!

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