Political feminism

Is it just me or does it seem like all of a sudden a person simply being accused of a crime against a woman is now guilty? As I’m watching all these news shows and seeing all the issues, I am seeing a disturbing trend of opponents being able to take out a political figure or a figure in a high position with a simple accusation and no proof of anything. A man accused of beating his wives, with no police reports to back it up, one picture from 30 years ago, and bam is out of office.

To me  this appears to be a disturbing trend.  You have people that are simply accused  and not proven guilty I thought this was America  where you are innocent until proven guilty . But  no all of a sudden  a simple accusation is all it takes to take a person out.  Where will this end?

You have judges that due to judicial prejudice  allow in  evidence  and he  trial  (sentencing hearing) , from unproven sources.  and apparently nothing will be done about it . now I realize that I am just  a man  and nobody  very low on the totem pole and  this probably will not affect me , but it is disturbing for the average person . let’s get back to where you are innocent until proven guilty  as we have all been promised  in this great country .

I am not calling for the lessening of actual  female problems , I am just calling for equality  in the law .

s to me this seems to be a disturbing trend to me this seems to be a disturbing tren

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