The Schumer Shutdown

As a guy just sitting here watching this whole shitfest with the Democratic party shutting down the government, I have a few observations.

I have been watching as since the day Mr Trump was elected the Democratic party has done nothing, nothing but #resist what ever is proposed. Yes the republicans control all 3 branches, but, they do not have a super majority. This super majority is required for most bills. So when the house sent them any bills, the dems simply said no, and it was quashed. Back in September they sent up budgets. what happened? the senate couldn’t even vote on them due to not being able to get the votes.  On every vote, not 1 democrat voted in favor. (remember it takes 60 votes in the senate, there are 51 republicans)

Now on this CR, the house sent up what is supposedly a good bill with a lot the democrats like. The president called Mr Schumer up for a meeting on it, Mr Schumer went in all energized, with a list a mile long, then the only observations I can make are, he came out in defeat, head bowed, beaten, no energy.  Even his short statement to the press was like , ok I met with him but I couldn’t get anything.

Next we see EVERY democrat calling for a long list of stuff BEFORE they pass the CR. They brought it all to the table. DACA, Opiods…. . and they wanted all this fixed before they would fund the government. Here they are there to vote on a CR, and you have Democrats calling for the budget to be voted on, ummm, hello, your there for this, not that. And why the sudden call for the full budget, when history shows that you were going to turn it down anyway. This to me seemed like a big stall and bait and switch routine.

So now you have the Democrats blaming everyone they can, when in fact it is their fault this did not pass. Just look at the count. 97% of republicans voted for it, only 5 democrats.(rouges? worried about reelection?).

I bet when Mr Schumer went to the White House with that laundry list, the President looked at it said ok we can do some of this after the CR, and then had his people look at what was brought, and noticed things like budgetary requests were cut to 1% of what was asked for, conditions were put on requests, etc. and since Mr Trump was working on the basics, that he thought looked good, after his staffers showed him the details he went , oh hell no, that’s not what we agreed to. and that’s why Mr Schumer got that call 2 hours later saying it wouldn’t fly. and after that call, Mr Schumer told his people the CR was dead, and here’s how we are going to make them look bad.

You know, when you watch this crap enough, you see a lot more behind the scenes then they would like you to see. And with that sight, well you get to see that so much of it is bullcrap. I just hope a few things. 1 that the republicans stick to their horses, and , 2 that the democratic voters remember all that has gone on.


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