Sessions and pot

sitting here thinking about the repercussions of sessions retracting the memo on pot and here are my thoughts.

While the federal government has redacted the memo saying they wont prosecute pot industries, I am thinking there will be a few repercussions, but that it will live. there is the definite issue of states rights here. That will be what maintains the pot industry in the states that have chosen this. However, This is what can happen(and most likely will).

The feds will stop all use of interstate banks by the industry. They will enforce the fed drug laws on federal property. They will go after those that do interstate drug trafficking. (iow : you buy it in colo. and go to the next state, your busted.) There is the possibility that they might go after the stores due to them having t0 pay federal income taxes (long shot, but).

This will create some problems.  But I really cant see them shutting down the distributors if they are following state laws . There will be about a year of lawsuits and stuff till this all gets straight (no pun intended).

This may also be a good test of states rights for the future. We will see.


(non pot smoker)