on SALT and the tax bill

I know this will go nowhere, but as I sit here listening to the talking heads, I had a thought.

In looking at what SALT, (state and local tax )deduction does,  it is basically no more than a backdoor way for the feds  to pay the state .just look at how it works,  you pay your state and local taxes,  then at the end of the year you deduct them off your federal bill .

I have a much better idea,  instead of having all that paperwork to deduct  money that the federal government is going to give the state,  why not just have the federal government go and pay the state direct ? This would have the effect of cutting down on paperwork maybe even get the tax form down to a postcard. Wouldn’t that be a much better way of doing things? But then again that may expose the state for all the excess taxes it gets.