To the Dems on the tax reform bill

As I sit here looking at some of the posts about the tax reform bill, There is something that strikes me as funny. I listened to all the attacks from the left on it and found that they were talking out both sides of their butt.

You see, you can’t both say you haven’t read a thing, and in the next sentence say that that thing is bad because. you say that you didn’t have time to read it because it came on the floor almost straight from committee, and yet you say it will do all these bad things. How do you know? Just the fact that you are using both fights in almost the same sentence makes your arguments null and void. Either you read it and found all this, Or you didn’t read it and you don’t know.  You cant have it both ways.

I know the Democrats had people on the committee to where they could, and did ask for changes. then there was the public posting of the bill, then there was how many days of debate? And how did you know about the amendments? they were posted and you read them.  Yet in all the debates on the floor, there was very little mentioned about most of what was in the text of the bill. What I saw most was about 1 line that took away the individual mandate. Does that mean you actually like most of what’s in the bill?? And that if it was your President you would have voted for it? Come on, get your debating right. Either you are against it because there are bad things in it, or you are against it because you didn’t take the time to read it. I am pretty sure based on the complaints that I have heard, you or your staffers have read the bill,  So you are not allowed to use that defense. And to those that believe any of the bovine scattia that came from that floor of congress, start to use your brain.