She said he did what?

Hard to think that in this day and age we could get this low. After watching a bunch of news feeds,  is it true that we have turned from the nation we are supposed to be? A nation that would allow an allegation to be considered true before the facts are in? Since when? We have all been seeing the allegations against numerous men that they somehow are sexual deviants. And most of these allegations there is no proof to back them up.  Yet the men are being treated as if they, without proof, have commited the most hienious of acts,  and being treated as lepers.

How could this be? Aren’t we supposed to be the nation that says you are innocent until proven guilty? Absent an admission, where is the proof so far? What have these men done to be so boldly accused and treated in this way? political retribution? Draining the swamp?

And where did this start? Well that I may be able to answer a little, maybe. It would appear this all started with a Washington Post article. (And we all know how reliable they have been as of late). Or is it somehow a further cover up over some allegations (with some proof, albeit questionable) of the Clintons possible sickness of pediofillia? (as some have alleged).

There is a train that says, if your seeing fake outrage at something in the political world, look behind the covers to see what they are really trying to hide. If this is true in this case, what are they trying to hide?

As you can see, I have no answers. Just questions. But like most of you, I too am tired of all the BS from the majors. Show us the real news, not this tabloid stuff. I turn to the news channels to see NEWS, not the enquirer. And unless they admit to the crime, Let us not damn to hell the men that are being accused.  Let us return to the nation that says, ok we need proof of guilt before we do something. Not just some person that has possibly been paid to say something.