NJ’s Phil Murphy Can we vote for him?

Hi folks:

I have been seeing a lot of the ads both on tv and in the press about Phil Murphy. A few things stick out in my reading of the guy. He appears to tow the radical left’s side of the road in his ads..  Can we actually vote for a guy that would go against the US Constitution? One of his ideas is to gut the 2nd amendment. Yes that’s right, He wants to take this state, which already is one of the hardest in the nation to get a gun permit in and actually make it unlawful for you to own a gun, by restricting the gun and its components. (btw: none of these restrictions would have stopped any of the things that they are using to justify the restrictions.)

Then he wants to bypass the Federal government (which is ok, IF it is not in the constitution, This unfortunately for him is) by making us a “sanctuary state”. What does that mean? I am glad you asked. What that means is to let a person that has already broken the law by coming over the border unlawfully, that has now broken a state or other law (robbed someone for instance?) that got put in a NJ jail, Avoid federal prosecution by not notifying the federal government (that is actually in charge of immigration) or even going so far as to not holding a prisoner that ICE has put a detainer on.  Thus releasing that prisoner back on the streets to commit another crime and disappear into cracks of the streets.

I have not had a chance as of this writing to look at his plans for the state’s budget yet, but if the way the rest looks, I can be sure it won’t be something that I think would work for this state.

Me? After seeing this much, I know I can’t in good conscience vote for him. I am sorry. If you are going to take an oath that says you will follow the US and the NJ constitutions, and then the minute you are sworn in violate those, How am I to trust you?