The Media and The President

As I sit here reading the millionth article about how the Trump campaign has done something wrong, It leaves me to wonder. Why are all the main stream media spending so many resources on everything Trump? Where were they during the Obama administration? Have you noticed that almost all the stories of wrong doings mostly all just look bad? that there was no laws broken, or the offense was so slight in the eyes of the law, that no prosecutor would even look at it?

For example, The latest bit on Jr.. How many man hours were put in to find the latest “scandal”? That Jr. met with someone that claimed to have opo research that led nowhere? They are trying for treason on this, and the best that can be found about this by stretching for it, is an election law that may or may not apply? (contributions from a foreign country).  This is the latest BIG thing.

Yes we get that the MSM is mad because their girl messed up so bad that she lost the election. The fact that she is not in jail right now speaks volumes about our legal system, but we wont get into that.  When there was a genuine question about Mr Obama, where was the media? Hiding under their desks.

I will congratulate the MSM for actually investigating Mr Clinton and showing that out to the world, you actually gave Mr Trump the election. Now that you have done that , you are going to turn your back on him?

Yes MSM gave Mr Trump the election. Look at all the free advertisments he got. Look at the unmasking of Ms. Clintons problems. granted they tried to cover it up and make it small, still they were all about that. The fact that she was shown to do all the bit with the emails, the Russian thing with urainium, bengazi and so much more, showed a lot of people she was not to be trusted in that high office.

So I call on the MSM to get behind the canadate you elected. Quit trying to tie up Washington with this dribble. If you are against a policy make that known. Remember, we the people (misguided or not) elected someone that was a businessman and outsider for a reason. We were sick of the usual politics, and we wanted the country fixed in a way that only a businessman could. Have you noticed the stock market? The jobs reports? yes there is a big problem with the insurance bills from congress, in that the Feds. do not belong in a free market.

It’s time the media actually started to be the media again and report on the news, not this drama. Americans are getting tired of it already. You are going to loose your market, and not be trusted when something actually does happen. I bet 75% of America already does not trust the reporting from the “news” organizations. You are showing that now anyone with a blog, can be a “news organization”. Just look at all these new popup newspapers on the web. (they are actually almost more trusted than the msm).  So get back to your job and stop spending so many resources on nothing.


Just my thoughts and ramblings as usual. your millage may vary.


(blog owner and now a newspaper thanks to the web?) ROFL