the new senate health care bill (1st half)

after reading about 1/2 of the senate bill to reconcile health care, I am not sure i can go for it.
Here are a few things I came up with:
It expands coverage to unlawful aliens by changing terminology to qualified aliens
has Multiple effective dates for various parts and has retroactive dates.
changes coverage for elective abortions.
Kills funding to planned parenthood
in funding the states it says if not all money expended in that year they are to reallocate the remaining funds. Instead of returning them to the treasury
It eliminates a bunch of health care taxes, BUT includes a payroll tax of 1.45% and a self emplyment tax of an additional 2.9%. (guess they had to get the money back from the medical taxes somehow)
changes the amounts you can put in a health care savings account (this one is good. it increases it)
it allows for faster implementaition of medicare to a person applying for it from 90 days to now.
It implements work for welfare.
I have a question. WTH is an expansion state?

This was all on a first read of only 1/2 the bill.
as it’s written with all the golblty gook I dont think I can back this one .