This is news? My rants on stuff from Face Book from this week

This article will most likely make a few people mad. But the are my thoughts based on what little I know at this point.

So, we are all seeing all the repeated posts on stuff that really, I could care less about. For instance, Kathy Griffin. a 4th rate hack that went way too far and showed how bad the left really is. She is getting what she deserves. People have finaly figured out that she really isn’t funny. Let the secret service do their investigation, like they did on all those that originated the posts of Obama being hung.

My real question here is, What ever happened to respecting the OFFICE of the President? I don’t care if you don’t like the occupant, But respect the office. I really don’t remember when it happened. Did it start with Clinton? (Bill not Hillary). In my opinion it is time to remember that we should respect the OFFICE no matter how we feel about the occupant.

Next the Paris accord. As I have not read the treaty, I can not say much about anything in it. I do know it was never Ratified by congress, like the constitution says. So it was never a legal treaty for the U.S.. I am hearing a lot of bad stuff about it, and not much good. Looking back in time (you remember a thing called history right?), I do not recall reading or seeing anything about bad air back when all they did was burn coal and wood. So how is coal now a bad thing? The bad air came about when we started burning oil and gas in our vehicles and stuff?

Climate change? I don’t think so. there are a LOT of factors that go into the climate stuff. If you look there are multiple ups and downs in the recorded temperatures. There is the solar cycle that has been expressed as a 22 year cycle. there are archeological digs that show 100 200 , 500, 1000 year cycles. Core drilling in the artic that shows the same thing. Old trees that have been cut down also show these cycles. So the data that has been used to prove climate change(wording changed from global warming after that was proven wrong). To prove global warming to me you would have to show a very large sampling of the whole of the picture. Did you know the earth is also wobbeling? My observations show a 2 degree change in the earth’s axis. Did you take that into the calculations?

North Korea (DPRK). Not sure. Kim seems to be wanting to make his country a player in the field. Is Kim crazy enough to actually use the weapons? Can the free world defend from these? I have to think on this for a while. There is the point of a nations sovernty. Would the US want say Russia saying we could not make the best in weapons? For instance,¬†denying us the use of a rail gun or the latest in laser tech. or….. .¬† In this case it may be best to bring him into the big 3 and slap his wrist if he goes too far.

Ok, that’s enough typing for now. I have probably pissed of a lot of people already. But, as I always say. If I am wrong, show me the proof. make me change my mind with data, not emotions.