President Trump and Syria

Just a few thoughts on Mr Trumps bombing of the airfield in Syria.

OK. SO this is the big news right now.  Yes I have a few thoughts for now. Agree/Disagree, Your comments are welcome.

Facts? Mr Assad gassed his civilian population with sarin gas? Which goes against UN and other laws? Mr Trump sent 60 Tomahawk missiles to an airfield in Syria that was claimed to have launched the gas attack. Mr Trump gave the Russians an hour notice (when the first one was launched) to get out. The attack destroyed the airfield and munitions bunkers. We are told only 17 Syrian military people were killed in the bombing. From what I have heard no gas storage facility was destroyed?

Now my thoughts.

We are now in a sticky spot here in regards to Syria. We really don’t want to go to war with them. They are supposedly fighting ISIS. Our government wants to get rid of Mr. Assad. The Russians support Mr. Assad. Here is what we should do now that we have sent Mr. Assad a message on using gas against his own people, NOTHING.

Yes, NOTHING. We have already punished them for the use of the gas, and shown them that we will stand up for human rights. I say we let Syria implode if it is going to. Yes, We monitor to make sure no more human rights are violated. But we let the INTERNAL war go on. After all it is THEIR country. If the US was at war with itself would you want some world power stepping in and saying ok, now you will do as we say?

There is a thought that the more a country is in involved with it’s own internal struggles, The less it will be involved with external stuff. IF, and that’s a big IF, Mr. Assad is actually fighting ISIS, then that would be a good thing? Right?

Now what we have to do is watch to see what the next move of our President will be.

As to needing congressional approval for the strike? No Mr. Trump did not need that. there are procedures for the President to make a single military strike, IE: He has to notify the gang of Eight. (That’s about all he has to do really.) It is within his power to make a strike without going to war. Mr. Trump could use the UN resolutions to back his bombing under humanitarian guise.

This is what is bothering me right now politically.  The Left has been all about resisting EVERTHING the President wants to do. So WHY are so many of the left  so for this action? Does the left really want us in war? And why? Is it possible that the left is very highly financed by the weapon manufacturers?

Me? Well I will be simply watching as events unfold and doing what little I have to do, such as this blog, to make my points known.