Chairman Nunes

After watching all that is going on with the House investigation on Russia and Mr Trump, I have come to some small thoughts. First let me see if I got my facts right.

Mr Nunes is heading up the investigation into Mr. Trump and Russia. Mr. Nunes was contacted supposedly by a intelligence officer about evidence into this investigation. Mr. Nunes went to a secure system on the White House grounds to view this information, due to possible codeword secrecy this information is not available on the congressional secure computers. After viewing this information he went to the speaker of the house and informed him of this information. Then he him let the media know that there was information out there and that it did not include Russia. then as any prosecutor, who is bound by law is required to do, he notified the defense of this information (the president). But he did not bring this information to the committee. Are we all agreed on these facts?

Up to the point that he did not inform the committee as far as I know he did not do anything wrong. The question then becomes why did he not inform the committee. My question becomes are there members in the committee that are listed in these documents? And why are Democrats and select Republicans attempting to shut him down, attempting to get him to recuse himself or step off the committee. When up until the point he did not notify the committee of the evidence he did everything right. Could it be that his evidence proves what certain members of the committee do not want to prove? Look beyond all the political wrangling that is going on and actually see the evidence.

With the opening of a Senate investigation into Russia, could Mr. Nunes be called as a witness in confidential session, or are members on this Senate committee also listed in the documentation? Him

we shall see as these investigations go on and the coverups continue.