A.G. Sessions Boots 49 Lawyers

Yes, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “your fired” to a bunch of attorneys.

But, Did you know they were all political appointees from the Obama administration? Does anyone that is politically appointed actually think they have a life time job now? If they do they are fools. I have been watching and seeing that anytime the Trump administration does the expected things that a different party does, they get all mad and report in the utmost outrage the partial facts so you will get mad too at what is totally normal for a new regime.

When Mr Obama was elected, yes there were some questions, but the right  did not go to the extents of what we are seeing now to try to block anything Mr Trumps administration does. Please folks, It is time to get over the fake madness right now, and help the new administration keep the country running. Are there going to be changes to programs? Yes. But that is what a majority of the voting public, minus California and New York, wanted. So let’s get together, pull up our boots, and get to work. If you genuinely see something that is unlawful or wrong, yes please do speak up. But don’t call for a civil war over it. Go thru the channels, do it right. Elsewise you make yourselves to be fools and babies that are mad because they didn’t get their way.



(constitutional conservative, not a minion for either side)