President Trumps 2nd EO on Imigration

Hi All;

After looking at the new EO on the temporary suspension on immigrationI have a question. This EO has so many exclusions, Just who does it stop from coming in? This has been watered down so much that IMO it doesn’t stop anyone from those countries. Is this what the courts and the left really want? to make it so that the President has little to no power in restricting travel? Does this EO actually do anything?

The first part of the EO is mostly complaining about the courts. Then it goes on with pretty good wording explaining why. Then it goes into the exclusions(which are many possibly not stopping anyone). And a 10 day wait to start it? Come on, This type of EO should be effective immediately especially with all the exclusions which include anyone in transit.

I would expect to see in 90 days another EO restricting travel to certain countries based on the SOS and HS recommendations. The left has won this round.

Here is the link for the EO on the Whitehouse site –

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