In a National Surprise – Hillary becomes the 46th President

In a surprise move, Mrs Clinton brought action today against the electoral college after they turned her down for President. She appeared before the 9th circuit today and battled against the DOJ and the court today released their opinion. The court decided that it was totally unfair that she lost after having paid off so many people and taking so many bribes.

After the decision Mr. Trump was heard to say “that so called court today really blew it”. Mrs. Clinton was overjoyed and said “about time those little f****ers got it right. Bill stay away from the interns.” republicans are totally outraged and promised to block everything she attempts to do, and since they have the majority in congress it may be a while before Senator McCain will be able to pay off the rest of the republicans¬† to allow Mrs Clinton to continue the Obama legacy.

In other news Justice Alito was found dead in his bedroom today of an apparent suicide. No further info is available at this time.