On Mrs Trump and the Lords Prayer

I am looking at all this feigned anger from the left about something¬† so simple. What did Mrs. Trump do wrong? She as a private citizen, simply read the Lord’s prayer. Mrs. Trump is not an employee of the federal government. She is just the wife of the president. Does having the husband who may work at say Intel, make the white employee of Intel? No. Mrs. Trump is not paid by the government she was not elected to the government, she has no way a part of the government other than, an honorary position of FLOTUS.

Secondly, people are making more out of what is not there in the Constitution. The only thing the Constitution says about separation of church and state is, that Congress shall make no law for or against it. Simple.

This is just another made-up outrage from those that are acting like babies about losing an election. Get over it. This is a new president with a new way of doing things. He was voted in to do exactly what he is attempting to do. The fact that he is going to tear up a lot of field politicians ways of life, a well. Maybe it’s about time.