the 2nd

The 2nd amendment was not meant for hunters, it had 3 purposes.

#1 to protect your family from attack

#2 to Protect your state from external attack

#3 to protect your state from internal attack

that’s it, plain and simple. now to protect yourself and your sate you require weaponry at least equal to the attacker. No owning an AR-15 is not usually for hunting, it is for the 3 reasons above. You have to remember, when the state takes great pains to take away your right to defend yourself, the state will eventually become a police state.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This gun grab goes on every time some sick individual goes off the reservation. The Dems had their time that they could have enacted all kinds of gun control laws and they didn’t. Now if there is something that is common sense, that would actually do something, that is already not in the laws, I am all ears. Banning and denying are not the answer right now. If they make a law in haste that is based on the moment we are all sure to be worse off then if nothing was done. Sit, think , pray, discuss, and then make sure it is right and not against the constitution, and you may get it right.



on the Broward Valentines shooting

I know this is a futile request, but I am asking. Please don’t start jumping to conclusions and blaming this that and the other thing has caused the broward shooting until we know the facts.
I have already started to see posts blaming the NRA , our gun control laws and all that. There is no need yet to join in like a lemming.
I pray for all those that lost their lives in this shooting, and pray more for all those students that witnessed this horrible event. May the good Lord take the dead unto his arms and may the Lord help those wounded to heal, in body and mind.
In Jesus name, I pray.

Presidental actions October/17 – Feb /18

this is going to be long, but. I spent 20 minutes or so looking at the Presidential actions going back to October of last year. I am trying to find anything that the left could not get their panties in a bunch over. Something that would tell me that Mr Trump is doing something wrong or bad or……

If there was something, I couldn’t find it. can you? here is a list from the official whitehouse site on presidential actions located at –

here is the list –

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims February 2018 as National African American History Month

Presidential Executive Order on Protecting America Through Lawful Detention of Terrorists

Presidential Proclamation to Facilitate Positive Adjustment to Competition from Imports of Large Residential Washers

Presidential Proclamation to Facilitate Positive Adjustment to Competition from Imports of Certain Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 22, 2018, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 16, 2018, as Religious Freedom Day

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 15, 2018, as the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday

Presidential Memorandum for the Director of National Intelligence
(tells dni to make the intellegence guys make their files available to fbi)

Presidential Executive Order on Supporting Our Veterans During Their Transition From Uniformed Service to Civilian Life

Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of the Interior
(5g towers for rural areas)

Presidential Executive Order on Streamlining and Expediting Requests to Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America

Executive Order on the Termination of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Presidential Proclamation to Take Certain Actions under the African Growth and Opportunity Act and for Other Purposes

Executive Order on Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Presidential Executive Order on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals

Presidential Memorandum on Reinvigorating America’s Human Space Exploration Program

Presidential Executive Order on Revising the Seal for the National Credit Union Administration

Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State
(moves embassy to jeruselum)

Presidential Proclamation Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel and Relocating the United States Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem

Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State
(lets military draw down in iraq)

Presidential Proclamation Modifying the Bears Ears National Monument

Presidential Proclamation Modifying the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Energy
(allows less oil from overseas)

Presidential Proclamation Honoring the Victims of the Sutherland Springs, Texas Shooting

Presidential Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
(declares a opiod emergency)

Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of Transportation
(tells faa to get something together on drones)

Presidential Executive Order on Resuming the United States Refugee Admissions Program with Enhanced Vetting Capabilities

This is from today back to october. the rest are just nominations and the typical yearly/90 day type eo’s that every president signs.

anything? anybody?????

Political feminism

Is it just me or does it seem like all of a sudden a person simply being accused of a crime against a woman is now guilty? As I’m watching all these news shows and seeing all the issues, I am seeing a disturbing trend of opponents being able to take out a political figure or a figure in a high position with a simple accusation and no proof of anything. A man accused of beating his wives, with no police reports to back it up, one picture from 30 years ago, and bam is out of office.

To me  this appears to be a disturbing trend.  You have people that are simply accused  and not proven guilty I thought this was America  where you are innocent until proven guilty . But  no all of a sudden  a simple accusation is all it takes to take a person out.  Where will this end?

You have judges that due to judicial prejudice  allow in  evidence  and he  trial  (sentencing hearing) , from unproven sources.  and apparently nothing will be done about it . now I realize that I am just  a man  and nobody  very low on the totem pole and  this probably will not affect me , but it is disturbing for the average person . let’s get back to where you are innocent until proven guilty  as we have all been promised  in this great country .

I am not calling for the lessening of actual  female problems , I am just calling for equality  in the law .

s to me this seems to be a disturbing trend to me this seems to be a disturbing tren


one or 2 things i took from the SOTU last night-
ok so the dems didn’t stand or applaud, so what. the repubs did that too for obama. no problem.
the problem came when they showed their total disrespect and disdaine for the President by using their phones to text or facebook or whatever it was they were doing. what a way to teach our young.
their booing when the President mentioned immigration and enforcement of immigration law. ok we had that one guy that yelled out you lie. but the booing from the whole of the dems on law enforcement? Pelosi, well what can we say about her that hasn’t been said. Members just plain walking out? come on you don’t do that.

now my takes from the dem response that I got to listen too this am. You must realize that this response was created probably over the weekend (how can you be at the SOTU and be in Mass 1 minute later?)

from the dem response sen kennedy –
stocks and company soar, but fails to reward he worker.
(they forgot all the companies giving back to the workers in bonus’s and higher wages due to the tax reforms)

a government that struggles to keep itself open
(they forgot to mention it was the dems that refused since september to allow passage of a budget and even fought the CR’s)

russia knee deep in out democracy
(aren’t we still waiting on several investigations on this?)

all out war on environmental protection
(some regulations that didn’t make sense other than to cost a company more money)

justice department rolling back civil rights
(Justice department actually holding to the constitution)

dignity isn’t something your born with, but is measured by your net worth
(sure this coming from a guy that is worth ????)

take care of sick kids if we sacrifice dreamers
(here we go defending illegal aliens)

says the repubs only want 1 or the other splitting the nation coaast or heartland
ceos making 300 x the worker is not right
(so a guy that runs a company is not entitled to more than his workers? typical socialist thinking where everyone makes the same)

state of union is hopefull
(hopefull they can get back in power to ruin the country and steal as much as they can)

The Schumer Shutdown

As a guy just sitting here watching this whole shitfest with the Democratic party shutting down the government, I have a few observations.

I have been watching as since the day Mr Trump was elected the Democratic party has done nothing, nothing but #resist what ever is proposed. Yes the republicans control all 3 branches, but, they do not have a super majority. This super majority is required for most bills. So when the house sent them any bills, the dems simply said no, and it was quashed. Back in September they sent up budgets. what happened? the senate couldn’t even vote on them due to not being able to get the votes.  On every vote, not 1 democrat voted in favor. (remember it takes 60 votes in the senate, there are 51 republicans)

Now on this CR, the house sent up what is supposedly a good bill with a lot the democrats like. The president called Mr Schumer up for a meeting on it, Mr Schumer went in all energized, with a list a mile long, then the only observations I can make are, he came out in defeat, head bowed, beaten, no energy.  Even his short statement to the press was like , ok I met with him but I couldn’t get anything.

Next we see EVERY democrat calling for a long list of stuff BEFORE they pass the CR. They brought it all to the table. DACA, Opiods…. . and they wanted all this fixed before they would fund the government. Here they are there to vote on a CR, and you have Democrats calling for the budget to be voted on, ummm, hello, your there for this, not that. And why the sudden call for the full budget, when history shows that you were going to turn it down anyway. This to me seemed like a big stall and bait and switch routine.

So now you have the Democrats blaming everyone they can, when in fact it is their fault this did not pass. Just look at the count. 97% of republicans voted for it, only 5 democrats.(rouges? worried about reelection?).

I bet when Mr Schumer went to the White House with that laundry list, the President looked at it said ok we can do some of this after the CR, and then had his people look at what was brought, and noticed things like budgetary requests were cut to 1% of what was asked for, conditions were put on requests, etc. and since Mr Trump was working on the basics, that he thought looked good, after his staffers showed him the details he went , oh hell no, that’s not what we agreed to. and that’s why Mr Schumer got that call 2 hours later saying it wouldn’t fly. and after that call, Mr Schumer told his people the CR was dead, and here’s how we are going to make them look bad.

You know, when you watch this crap enough, you see a lot more behind the scenes then they would like you to see. And with that sight, well you get to see that so much of it is bullcrap. I just hope a few things. 1 that the republicans stick to their horses, and , 2 that the democratic voters remember all that has gone on.


Mr Booker and the hearing with DHS sec Nelson

An open letter to Senator Booker;

Sir while watching the hearing With the Sec DHS you embarrassed the great state of New Jersey with your conduct. While you did show your party affiliation and your siding with Sen Durban, You have embarrassed the state in your diatribe.

@senbooker you were not at all satisfied with the Secretaries answers and called her a bold faced lyer all over something the President may or may not have said. This whole issue of that word has been over stretched and worn out. It is not worth your time and feigned outrage. You were in a hearing that dealt with a broad number of matters and you decided to waste your time on an issue that was asked and answered numerous times in that very hearing.  I would suggest next time your efforts would be better spent on matters that actually matter.

If you are going to represent this great state, PLEASE represent it in the decorum that you would demand of any other senator. You sir are an embarrassment to this state.

Thank You


(a dissatisfied constituent)

@nj1015 @potus @app @DHS @foxnews

Sessions and pot

sitting here thinking about the repercussions of sessions retracting the memo on pot and here are my thoughts.

While the federal government has redacted the memo saying they wont prosecute pot industries, I am thinking there will be a few repercussions, but that it will live. there is the definite issue of states rights here. That will be what maintains the pot industry in the states that have chosen this. However, This is what can happen(and most likely will).

The feds will stop all use of interstate banks by the industry. They will enforce the fed drug laws on federal property. They will go after those that do interstate drug trafficking. (iow : you buy it in colo. and go to the next state, your busted.) There is the possibility that they might go after the stores due to them having t0 pay federal income taxes (long shot, but).

This will create some problems.  But I really cant see them shutting down the distributors if they are following state laws . There will be about a year of lawsuits and stuff till this all gets straight (no pun intended).

This may also be a good test of states rights for the future. We will see.


(non pot smoker)


Mr Trump’s foreign policy

I had a thought.(rut roh).

What if, just what if, Mr trump is in the vain of JFK? (best willis voice, what you talkin about?) well, what if after all these years of the administrations doing things a “certain way” in the area of foreign policy that has not really been working, Mr Trump has gone a different way that will work better?

Think about it, during the whole cuba crisis thing, everyone were against the way JFK was doing things because they didn’t understand what he was trying to do. Now during all these problems that the standard routines just weren’t working Mr Trump has got an idea that doing it in a different way will make it work? Is he not sending messages to our enemies? (that he can back up). are they not responding in ways that are different? the standard way of sanctioning and all that are just not working.  So the missile boy says hes got a button, after the limited testing he has done while puffing his chest out, Mr Trump comes along and says yea well I’ve got one too, but mine works to put the little boy in his place.

Should we just let Trump be Trump? And see if Mr Trump is smarter than everyone thinks? what if?


Daca Proposal

Dear Sir:

In light of the Problem created by Mr Obama during his presidency on the Immigration Of unlawful children by their parents, I have a proposal for a bill to help the situation.

I have run this by a Facebook forum or 2 and while the general attitude was we don’t care send them all back, I have not received any negative comments on the proposal itself.

Proposal; on Daca: Since Daca stands for deferred action for child arrivals, and the program is ending, And former President Obama has created a legal nightmare with this program, I propose the following solution to be voted on by congress.

The DACA children are given 1 year after their 18th birthday to apply to the INS for a limited citizenship(non-voting).

If the alien is older than 18 at the time of this bill they have 1 year to apply to the INS for a limited citizenship(non-voting). .

Any alien that does not apply will be deported.

If that alien has served in the military for a minimum of 2 years they will be granted full citizenship upon approval of the INS. (they have proven that they do care for this country by offering up their lives)

The Only people that are eligible are those that have/had signed up for the DACA program before March of 2018.

There will be no chain migration allowed.

The parents are not eligible for this program and are subject to deportation.

on SALT and the tax bill

I know this will go nowhere, but as I sit here listening to the talking heads, I had a thought.

In looking at what SALT, (state and local tax )deduction does,  it is basically no more than a backdoor way for the feds  to pay the state .just look at how it works,  you pay your state and local taxes,  then at the end of the year you deduct them off your federal bill .

I have a much better idea,  instead of having all that paperwork to deduct  money that the federal government is going to give the state,  why not just have the federal government go and pay the state direct ? This would have the effect of cutting down on paperwork maybe even get the tax form down to a postcard. Wouldn’t that be a much better way of doing things? But then again that may expose the state for all the excess taxes it gets.


To the Dems on the tax reform bill

As I sit here looking at some of the posts about the tax reform bill, There is something that strikes me as funny. I listened to all the attacks from the left on it and found that they were talking out both sides of their butt.

You see, you can’t both say you haven’t read a thing, and in the next sentence say that that thing is bad because. you say that you didn’t have time to read it because it came on the floor almost straight from committee, and yet you say it will do all these bad things. How do you know? Just the fact that you are using both fights in almost the same sentence makes your arguments null and void. Either you read it and found all this, Or you didn’t read it and you don’t know.  You cant have it both ways.

I know the Democrats had people on the committee to where they could, and did ask for changes. then there was the public posting of the bill, then there was how many days of debate? And how did you know about the amendments? they were posted and you read them.  Yet in all the debates on the floor, there was very little mentioned about most of what was in the text of the bill. What I saw most was about 1 line that took away the individual mandate. Does that mean you actually like most of what’s in the bill?? And that if it was your President you would have voted for it? Come on, get your debating right. Either you are against it because there are bad things in it, or you are against it because you didn’t take the time to read it. I am pretty sure based on the complaints that I have heard, you or your staffers have read the bill,  So you are not allowed to use that defense. And to those that believe any of the bovine scattia that came from that floor of congress, start to use your brain.


She said he did what?

Hard to think that in this day and age we could get this low. After watching a bunch of news feeds,  is it true that we have turned from the nation we are supposed to be? A nation that would allow an allegation to be considered true before the facts are in? Since when? We have all been seeing the allegations against numerous men that they somehow are sexual deviants. And most of these allegations there is no proof to back them up.  Yet the men are being treated as if they, without proof, have commited the most hienious of acts,  and being treated as lepers.

How could this be? Aren’t we supposed to be the nation that says you are innocent until proven guilty? Absent an admission, where is the proof so far? What have these men done to be so boldly accused and treated in this way? political retribution? Draining the swamp?

And where did this start? Well that I may be able to answer a little, maybe. It would appear this all started with a Washington Post article. (And we all know how reliable they have been as of late). Or is it somehow a further cover up over some allegations (with some proof, albeit questionable) of the Clintons possible sickness of pediofillia? (as some have alleged).

There is a train that says, if your seeing fake outrage at something in the political world, look behind the covers to see what they are really trying to hide. If this is true in this case, what are they trying to hide?

As you can see, I have no answers. Just questions. But like most of you, I too am tired of all the BS from the majors. Show us the real news, not this tabloid stuff. I turn to the news channels to see NEWS, not the enquirer. And unless they admit to the crime, Let us not damn to hell the men that are being accused.  Let us return to the nation that says, ok we need proof of guilt before we do something. Not just some person that has possibly been paid to say something.

NJ’s Phil Murphy Can we vote for him?

Hi folks:

I have been seeing a lot of the ads both on tv and in the press about Phil Murphy. A few things stick out in my reading of the guy. He appears to tow the radical left’s side of the road in his ads..  Can we actually vote for a guy that would go against the US Constitution? One of his ideas is to gut the 2nd amendment. Yes that’s right, He wants to take this state, which already is one of the hardest in the nation to get a gun permit in and actually make it unlawful for you to own a gun, by restricting the gun and its components. (btw: none of these restrictions would have stopped any of the things that they are using to justify the restrictions.)

Then he wants to bypass the Federal government (which is ok, IF it is not in the constitution, This unfortunately for him is) by making us a “sanctuary state”. What does that mean? I am glad you asked. What that means is to let a person that has already broken the law by coming over the border unlawfully, that has now broken a state or other law (robbed someone for instance?) that got put in a NJ jail, Avoid federal prosecution by not notifying the federal government (that is actually in charge of immigration) or even going so far as to not holding a prisoner that ICE has put a detainer on.  Thus releasing that prisoner back on the streets to commit another crime and disappear into cracks of the streets.

I have not had a chance as of this writing to look at his plans for the state’s budget yet, but if the way the rest looks, I can be sure it won’t be something that I think would work for this state.

Me? After seeing this much, I know I can’t in good conscience vote for him. I am sorry. If you are going to take an oath that says you will follow the US and the NJ constitutions, and then the minute you are sworn in violate those, How am I to trust you?


On Vegas and personal freedom

We live in a great country. A country based on of all things, freedom. But why is it, when there is a terrible annomoly such as the Vegas shooting there are people that are not only willing, but who actually  call for the taking away of our precious freedoms. Without knowing anything, just minutes after this attack, there were people and politicians calling for more gun control. And just this morning I was hearing even worse, that there are some calling for hotels to institute the same level of security as the airports (which I am not sure I agree with) of searching your baggage as you enter the hotel.

How can we, as a nation that is based on freedom, simply allow such loss of freedom and dignity? A knee jerk reaction is not what is needed. What is needed? find out the 5 w’s that every jourlnalist is supposed to find. We know a couple the who, what, when and where. but at this point we do not know the why or the how. With out knowing these, how can we know what we should do, if anything, next?

What I say we do, pray for the living and the dead, help those we can, and find out all the facts we can. Let us heal the nation and those injured. Let us bury the dead and grieve. Let us find the truth about this sad event. Then once that is done we might be able to find what is needed, If anything.

Let us pray :
Almighty Father whose mercy is deep, show us your tenderness and show us the way of the light from this darkness. Please comfort all those that are suffering, and take those angels into your bosom.
In the name of the Father , the Son and the Holy Ghost



Today at the UN the representative for the DPRK said Mr Trumps words at the UN make it necessary for the DPRK to Bomb the US. the wreckless words of Mr Trump have made the irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire US mainland inevitable

"None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission."Moments ago at the United Nations, North Korea's Foreign Minister assailed President Donald J. Trump, warning that the American leader had made an "irreversible mistake."

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Possible DACA deal?

With all the thoughts on DACA, here is a possible deal that might be made. (I am not backing this deal, but it is a thought).

Mr Trump gets his border wall, and we do a Reagan style one shot deal on “the dreamers”. the way it would go is that legislation would be put in that would end anchor babies, If an illegal has a kid here they are the citizen of the country of the mom. that takes care of 2 big ticket items, and gets that many more off the roles . Congress is already setting immigration limits , so we follow those, maybe increase them a little.

Now for the part a lot including me aren’t going to be happy with, but will probably happen. The “dreamers” on DACA get 1 year to gain citizenship. Those in the military would be granted citizenship (they did step up and decided to defend this country for all of us). If the only thing holding them back from gaining citizenship is that they have to leave the country, then we, for this group only, bypass this requirement. After the 1 year, all those “dreamers” that did not get citizenship are immediately deported, as they did not want to be a citizen. This program would only be offered to those that have been here say over 10 years and brought in before they were 12? The rest get deported.

Some have talked about a special permanent visa, One that does not make them a citizen, but would allow them to stay here legally. This would not give them any rights like voting or food stamps or such. This may be a good idea.  This would take care of some of the problem of a gain from an unlawful act.

These are the most probable deals I can see coming from congress. Even these are more than most would like to see to solve this problem, But they are almost acceptable. What say you?




My friends. I sit here trying to come to some coherent thoughts on DACA. I have asked God for his influence, and have thought on this with the little bit that I know about the law. This is what I have come up with:

God does call for us to have compassion and love for our fellow man, and in all his talk the best that I can come up with is that the only place meant to be with out borders is heaven. I remember some of Jesus teachings, like, give unto Caesar that which is Caesars, and that while God’s law is supreme, we also have to follow the laws of man.(no I can’t cite chapter and verse, I am not that good.). Yes he also taught that man’s law should be based on God’s laws. But he did recognize that here on earth among men, men will create the laws to live by.

In some of the laws that were created for this great country, there are laws that specify who can be here, and who can come here.. We have set certain laws like you have to come in to this country invited. DACA parents did not come by invite but rather by stealth and subterfuge. These parents brought their children with them, either not wanting to leave to fend for themselves or to give them a better life than they could have where they were. This they did unlawfully. In other words illegally. Now I am not up on all the judicial precedents, but I do remember one from the 1970’s, In this legal finding the judge said you can not profit from a crime.(I think this was about a book deal someone famous wanted to do).  Following this finding we can only choose, if we are to follow the laws of this land, to say that since the parents committed a crime and you can not profit from it, and since they are profiting from this by being able to live the American dream, that the “dreamers” should not be afforded the life that American can bring.

Now I am not totally heartless. I will say this, IF congress can come up with something that would find a way such as military service, or if the “dreamers” would simply TRY to become legal citizens instead of not caring and being in limbo, then I might be able to go with that. I am questioning why these children that are now adults, have not simply applied for citizenship? Yes if one of the requirements are to leave the country we might be able to waive that, for this one time, for this one group. But it must NOT be put in law that this waiver is gone forever. (there are reasons).

We MUST look closer at what has happened and why. We also must do a lot of thinking and soul searching to find the right way to solve this issue. There are many smarter people than I am(unfortunately not so many in congress) that I await to see their thoughts. No I will not accept the open borders acts, we do have to keep America, America.

Here is a further thought, That since the Executive order was unlawful, anything that results from the unlawful order should be null and void.

So here I still sit. What have I come up with? Very little. What am I expecting? That congress will follow the law, While making the law and not destroy this country. Yes I am in favor of lawful entry, and against unlawful entry and the cascading effects that happen from that.

With GOD’s love do I end this and wish for HIS mercy in what will come. May God bless you and keep you. And may HIS guidance govern the hands of those that will write the laws that hopefully will solve this issue.



Way to go making good bad and bad good

here we go again, another off thought for your consideration.

Was watching tv and the commercial for wicked came on and had a thought. They took the premise of good and evil and are changing it around.

Now good is bad and bad is good. the wicked witch of the west is just a misunderstood woman. And the good witch is now an underhanded woman masquerading as good.

Come on. The changes they are making are making what we know to be all wrong. just another example of the reprogramming of the youth.


KKK support of Mr Trump a Plot?

Hi. Been sitting here thinking(never good) and had a thought.

We have been told that the KKK is a radical democratic group, right? An we all know that most of the media and most of the politicians are against Mr Trump(evidenced by all the twisted news and congressional voting records). What if, just if, to try and discredit the President starting all the way at the election, They all decided, hey let’s try this, let’s do a reverse attack using the KKK on Mr Trump? Yes that’s right a reverse attack, IOW: let the KKK  support him voraciously and then attempt to link Mr Trump to them in any fake way we can.

What would this do? well it might erode his base thinking no sane non racist person would affiliate with the KKK. We must withdrawl our support. And even when denounced by Mr Trump a favorable statement from Mr Duke will keep it going.

How can I say this? well I am seeing the many denouncements from Mr Trump about the KKK. Yet even when he does it seems the media finds some way to twist it to him supporting them.  ex: Saturday he denounced many groups in the protest. they said he didn’t denounce the kkk.  Ok so at the time of the speech he says he didn’t have all the information in. Then on Monday he strongly denounced them. The media still wasn’t happy. said it was too late. ughhh. then on Tuesday after he had gotten all the information in from his sources, he denounced them and other groups that apparently the msm and congress likes.(anti-fa, blm,…. ). that led to such a brouhaha in the media they blew their minds. I mean he actually put down their groups as a hate group. and then Mr duke posted a message in defense of the President and salvaged their narrative.

There’s a couple things the media keeps trying to blame him for. That there were many fine people on both sides, remark. if you listen to it he said that were not involved in the violence, which he later clarified to be not with either group but there to protest the removal of the statue. And then there’s the point that he actually had the temerity to support the first amendment rights of a hate group. Yes that’s right, hate speech is actually a protected first amendment right. So he was defending the constitution. weird huh? with that remark the media et al. decided that meant he was defending the KKK and therefore must be in bed with them.

I have watched his speeches and his tweets and no where in them can I find anything other than support of the constitution. Since when is it racist to support and defend the constitution? Do I Like either of the sides involved in that fracas? No. IMO they are all hate groups and deserve none of my support. Do I support and defend the constitution? yes to the best of my ability. Do I think that there was wrong on all sides and corruption in the way the politicians in local and state government handled this? A big yes. And yes I think they will all still, no matter what he says, try to hang that banner on Mr Trump. After all, he is not the anointed one that the msm and politicians wanted. yep, he does things a bit different. and that’s why we elected him. We simply did not want yet another politician in that office.