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Mr Trump’s foreign policy

I had a thought.(rut roh).

What if, just what if, Mr trump is in the vain of JFK? (best willis voice, what you talkin about?) well, what if after all these years of the administrations doing things a “certain way” in the area of foreign policy that has not really been working, Mr Trump has gone a different way that will work better?

Think about it, during the whole cuba crisis thing, everyone were against the way JFK was doing things because they didn’t understand what he was trying to do. Now during all these problems that the standard routines just weren’t working Mr Trump has got an idea that doing it in a different way will make it work? Is he not sending messages to our enemies? (that he can back up). are they not responding in ways that are different? the standard way of sanctioning and all that are just not working.  So the missile boy says hes got a button, after the limited testing he has done while puffing his chest out, Mr Trump comes along and says yea well I’ve got one too, but mine works to put the little boy in his place.

Should we just let Trump be Trump? And see if Mr Trump is smarter than everyone thinks? what if?


Mr Booker and the hearing with DHS sec Nelson

An open letter to Senator Booker;

Sir while watching the hearing With the Sec DHS you embarrassed the great state of New Jersey with your conduct. While you did show your party affiliation and your siding with Sen Durban, You have embarrassed the state in your diatribe.

@senbooker you were not at all satisfied with the Secretaries answers and called her a bold faced lyer all over something the President may or may not have said. This whole issue of that word has been over stretched and worn out. It is not worth your time and feigned outrage. You were in a hearing that dealt with a broad number of matters and you decided to waste your time on an issue that was asked and answered numerous times in that very hearing.  I would suggest next time your efforts would be better spent on matters that actually matter.

If you are going to represent this great state, PLEASE represent it in the decorum that you would demand of any other senator. You sir are an embarrassment to this state.

Thank You


(a dissatisfied constituent)

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The SOTU 2018

one or 2 things i took from the SOTU last night-
ok so the dems didn’t stand or applaud, so what. the repubs did that too for obama. no problem.
the problem came when they showed their total disrespect and disdaine for the President by using their phones to text or facebook or whatever it was they were doing. what a way to teach our young.
their booing when the President mentioned immigration and enforcement of immigration law. ok we had that one guy that yelled out you lie. but the booing from the whole of the dems on law enforcement? Pelosi, well what can we say about her that hasn’t been said. Members just plain walking out? come on you don’t do that.

now my takes from the dem response that I got to listen too this am. You must realize that this response was created probably over the weekend (how can you be at the SOTU and be in Mass 1 minute later?)

from the dem response sen kennedy –
stocks and company soar, but fails to reward he worker.
(they forgot all the companies giving back to the workers in bonus’s and higher wages due to the tax reforms)

a government that struggles to keep itself open
(they forgot to mention it was the dems that refused since september to allow passage of a budget and even fought the CR’s)

russia knee deep in out democracy
(aren’t we still waiting on several investigations on this?)

all out war on environmental protection
(some regulations that didn’t make sense other than to cost a company more money)

justice department rolling back civil rights
(Justice department actually holding to the constitution)

dignity isn’t something your born with, but is measured by your net worth
(sure this coming from a guy that is worth ????)

take care of sick kids if we sacrifice dreamers
(here we go defending illegal aliens)

says the repubs only want 1 or the other splitting the nation coaast or heartland
ceos making 300 x the worker is not right
(so a guy that runs a company is not entitled to more than his workers? typical socialist thinking where everyone makes the same)

state of union is hopefull
(hopefull they can get back in power to ruin the country and steal as much as they can)

The 2nd amendment

The 2nd amendment was not meant for hunters, it had 3 purposes.

#1 to protect your family from attack

#2 to Protect your state from external attack

#3 to protect your state from internal attack

that’s it, plain and simple. now to protect yourself and your sate you require weaponry at least equal to the attacker. No owning an AR-15 is not usually for hunting, it is for the 3 reasons above. You have to remember, when the state takes great pains to take away your right to defend yourself, the state will eventually become a police state.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This gun grab goes on every time some sick individual goes off the reservation. The Dems had their time that they could have enacted all kinds of gun control laws and they didn’t. Now if there is something that is common sense, that would actually do something, that is already not in the laws, I am all ears. Banning and denying are not the answer right now. If they make a law in haste that is based on the moment we are all sure to be worse off then if nothing was done. Sit, think , pray, discuss, and then make sure it is right and not against the constitution, and you may get it right.


on what to do to stop the next mass shooting

I am sitting here and watching the news, and I have had a few thoughts here. I have watched over the last several years, and observed the aftermath of each of the school shootings. They all seem to say get rid of guns. Then I look at who did what and why and in each case you have a kid that has emotional problems, has learning disabilities, is unable to make friends, and is on or should be on medication. Then I look at when I went to school.

Yes I rode the short bus, no I wasn’t a window licker. I had issues that my parents struggled to help me with, and they did. Yes I was one of those that had trouble making friends, and no I never had a girlfriend in school. Luckily I never had to be on any medications or have to go thru massive psychotherapy. I was able to go to a special school that helped me learn how to learn. in all this I was lucky to have my parents backing as well as a few kids from the neighborhood to play with.All this is so you can understand my background so I can bring you  thru the next part of my monologue.

Let’s look at these kids one part at a time. They were for a lack of a better term, ?autistic? (mildly?). this leads to problems in the way they look at the world and the world looks at them. They are slower on the uptake if it is not given to them in the best way they process the information. (some need it visually , some in text, some need to hear it.) so this makes the world a little different for them than for you.

Because they have this issue, parents and doctors look for the easy way to help their kid cope with society. This typically involves some sort of pharmaceutical help. These drugs can actually make it worse for the kid to be “normal”, but it makes them easier to manage.

Then because the kid is different from the norm, he will get picked on by his classmates, and ostracized, and made to feel small. this all creates a smoldering anger that the kid thinks I’ll get them for being mean, they will learn.  that anger will build over the years and will never be shown to the world.

Now add in what we have today, the internet. the internet while it can open up a brave new world to this kid, also makes it much easier to be bullied and influenced. It can also make this kid more withdrawn into this cyberworld   with the games and stuff.  They will “make friends” in this brave new world but still be alone. then they go back to the real world and go thru all the emotions again. so they hide, ball up , in an attempt to block the hate. or they will strike out in anger (fights in school, animal abuse).  All this because no one hears them and they have no one to talk to.

what can be done? this is going to sound so left leaning it is not funny, but believe me it really isn’t, All it takes is some kid to simply include them in their circle and talk to them. I have heard that in the last shooting the trigger point was something about his ex girlfriend dating someone. ok, in normal’s lives when that happens you talk with you best friend and they blow off the girl as not being good enough for you and all that stuff. In his case who did he have to talk to? No I don’t think for the next 10 years or so it can change, as the age that anything meaningful and actually easy is not 14 or 15 years old. this has to start before the teen years.

How many stories have we heard that someone was contiplating suicide and it was someone that simply said hi to them or helped them with their books or something simple, and they decided not to kill themselves? yes it is that simple and yet that complex. If you want to stop these school shootings think not about taking away guns which are only a tool for the symptoms, much in the way taking pain killers for a bad tooth only masks the pain. But think about this, The guy that seems a little odd of slow, he may not be able to handle the world like you do, but if you stop and say hi or give them a hand, you could change his world or even help him to understand it better. and with that small change, you will have stopped the anger and the resulting problems.  If you haven’t helped your hurting, it all starts with you.

So to finnish off this diatribe that no one will read, may god be with you, and , well, Hey how ya doing?




A post script note: after getting some reaction from some on this post,

No we are not asking for everyone to be fake nice. that wont help. what we are asking is for 1 kid to say hi, 1 kid to be nice, 1 kid listen to them, 1 kid to learn from them. 1 kid to NOT bully, 1 kid to NOT talk behind their back. 1 kid to include them where possible. 1 kid to help them. 2 parents to back them, 2 parents to show them the way. It doesnt take that much. It doesnt take the whole of the school or community. just 1 brave kid and 2 parents.

baker act and the 4th

the 4th amendment to the US Constitution

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Today we watch Mr. Trump in yet another meeting  with lawmakers  at capital . they were discussing ways tostop the next school shooter . there was a a bunch of ideas discussed  a lot of good ideas , and then while they were discussing  the Baker act , which is  await to put  someone that is  not psychologically stable  into the hospital for 72 hours  with or without their permission , president Trump said  something that is bothering a lot of us . he said that  if a person is Baker acted  they should st take their weapons and worry about justice later .

Now  since we know that  a person is going to do a school shooting is not in their right mind, once the person is Baker acted , law enforcement would go before a judge in an ex parte and provide compelling  evidence  either  by  the shooter’s writings  showing  that he will commit this act , or a doctors note staining the person is a danger to themselves or others . At that point the judge would then sign a warrant for the temporary seizure of his firearms until a full hearing can be held as to if that person can get the weapons back. As judges are on call for search warrents this should not be a big deal to be done with in the 72 hour period.

This is about the only way that this could be done legaly in my opinion. If this procedure is not in the bill it should be thrown out.


This is my take after watching the sad event that happened in Texas during the cold wave.

from what I have read, this was a cascade failure of the power grid Precipitated by the green new deal. Texas relied on approx. 25% green energy for its grid. The cold  wave that came in froze the wind mills; causing a loss of 25%. Normally this would be picked up by the non green power plants( gas, coal, nuke), however, when Texas asked the EPA for a temporary increase in it’s emissions, the EPA said GTH, grab from neighboring states and for that you will be charged 1900/mw compared to 9$. Texas is not setup to do a lot of power sharing, so that didnt work well.

By the time Texas was able to get permission for an increase in emissions, it was too late. pump stations and equipment had already froze. the natural gas pumps could not supply the needed gas for the power plants to increase production, substations were frozen, power lines had issues. And just like that over 4 million people were without power due to green energy.

A cascade failure due to the Green New Deal is what happened.

Now the left is saying that if Texas had more green energy it would have helped? really?

Power systems have to be balanced and not dependant on 1 source. we are not to the point that green energy is sustainable and reliable.

culture of ??fear??

I have a few words for the left.

stop using fear to make everyone else afraid when you, yourself will do things that put you in fear(supposedly)

just heard a report from a liberal that went to fla for the ball game. she was complaining that she was afraid because she saw so many unmasked and enjoying themselves in large groups.

if your so afraid, why didnt you leave and get out of there? no, you stayed and enjoyed yourself. and now that it is done, you use the fear factor to try to make a point and make everyone feel sorry for you. sorry, I dont feel any empathy with you. you had a chance to get out and didnt. this is no more than fear mongering. pushing the narrative. open your eyes folks and learn. if you know someplace doesnt fit your fears, then leave , dont go. if you do go? dont try and make an emotional play to get someones pity.

this whole thing seems driven by fear. when in actuallity, you look and read, its not that bad. STOP THE FEAR CULTURE FOR POLITICS.


After The 2nd Failed Impeachment

After the last week there are some points I would like to make.

We have seen where the house and senate are run by 4 people. Pelosi, Schumer, Mcconell, and Schiff.

This last impeachment showed us that the parties are no longer interested in following their oath. They voted to bypass the constitution and the plain wording it proffers. In their anger, In the first vote, they decided that the constitution did not matter. they voted that a bill of attainer could be used against a private citizen. That when the constitutional argument they were using was meant solely to take an official out of the office after a serious legal issue, they disregarded the meaning of it. they disregarded the same argument that all the courts have been using to throw out any election challenge, that of Laches.  y6u see, the only remedy offered under the constitutional law they used was eviction from office, THEN the optional remedy of no longer being able to hold office again.

Article 1 section 3

Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.

The way it is written, you must satisfy the first before you can do the second. . since President Trump had already left office there was no way to satisfy the first, namely removal from office.

Article 1 secton 9

No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

BILL OF ATTAINDER, legislation, punishment. An act of the legislature by which one or more persons are declared to be attainted, and their property confiscated.
     2. The Constitution of the United States declares that no state shall pass any bill of attainder.
     3. During the revolutionary war, bills of attainder, and ox post facto acts of confiscation, were passed to a wide extent. The evils resulting from them, in times of more cool reflection, were discovered to have far outweighed any imagined good. Story on Const. Sec. 1367. Vide Attainder; Bill of Pains and Penalties.
Since President Trump was a civilian at the time of his trial, any finding by the senate would constitute a bill of attainer.

Next point. This trial was not run by evidence, as much as fear and hate. The prosecutions case relied on the members remembering the recent fear they experienced in the overtaking of the capitol building. they made sure to play hours of video showing the break-in and over taking of the building. they presented almost no evidence for what they charged. the prosecution presented a lot of hearsay, news reports, and doctored evidence. they changed the charges mid stream from the events of the day, to include everything from the day Trump came down the elevator. They even added charges in the middle of the trial, saying they were implied. However in any court case you can not charge someone with an implied charge, it must be written out.

Then we come down to the verdict, which clearly was known even before the trial. The members of the senate were told how to vote by their leadership.  The democrats were not allowed to challenge the constitutionality of the charges. All they were allowed is orange man bad.

I do not know what President Trump did to make them so mad and hate him like they do. However there seems to be nothing but hate from the left. It has to be more than he beat her in the 2016 run.  As there was nothing but hate from before he even got off the stairs.

I am pretty sure we are in the midst of a giant cancel culture thing on this election. We are being told that what we saw is not what we saw.  There have been hearings, sworn statements, and even video’s that questioned the election. yet we are told there was nothing. We have a full county of commisioners that are getting away with disregarding the states attempts at verifying the election. And yes, I do understand that our election can influence the world. As the voting system that is being challenged is used world wide, and if proven to “shift” votes instead of simply counting them, it could topple some governments(???Burma???).

At this point, all I am sure of is this is a mess. Our government has forsaken its bible of the constitution. And we have 2-4 people running the country, instead of 457. That the judicial is as corrupt as the legislative, and our executive is a farce. I wish it otherwise. the point we are at??? We maybe at the end or in the very least ripe for takeover by a foreign country. We need to get it right.