This is my take after watching the sad event that happened in Texas during the cold wave.

from what I have read, this was a cascade failure of the power grid Precipitated by the green new deal. Texas relied on approx. 25% green energy for its grid. The cold  wave that came in froze the wind mills; causing a loss of 25%. Normally this would be picked up by the non green power plants( gas, coal, nuke), however, when Texas asked the EPA for a temporary increase in it’s emissions, the EPA said GTH, grab from neighboring states and for that you will be charged 1900/mw compared to 9$. Texas is not setup to do a lot of power sharing, so that didnt work well.

By the time Texas was able to get permission for an increase in emissions, it was too late. pump stations and equipment had already froze. the natural gas pumps could not supply the needed gas for the power plants to increase production, substations were frozen, power lines had issues. And just like that over 4 million people were without power due to green energy.

A cascade failure due to the Green New Deal is what happened.

Now the left is saying that if Texas had more green energy it would have helped? really?

Power systems have to be balanced and not dependant on 1 source. we are not to the point that green energy is sustainable and reliable.


  1. Donna


    Want to know the truth about what just happened in Texas. Sit down when you read this because shock factor will bring you to your knees.

    Attached is Department of Energy Order No. 202-21-1. ERCOT knew they didn’t have the capacity to produce the needed electricity under current guidelines to meet needs during this arctic blast so they requested it.

    The Biden Administration’s Department of Energy said it was more important to minimize adverse environmental impacts than to allow the production of energy that was needed (see section A & B on page 2). AND on page 3 (i) and (ii) this order said that if we purchase from somewhere else it would be no less than $1,500 per megawatt/hr. when normally, electricity we produce is $18.20 per megawatt/hr. Perhaps this is why Texas residents are now getting electric bills in the $10,000 – $17,000 range?

    This is what really happened. Read it yourself! These environmentalists have gone too far. People died during this outage. And now, their lives are being further disrupted by outrageous bills that will financially ruin them. But this administration would have you believe that we must support their crazy green deal at all cost!

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