I have a few words for the left.

stop using fear to make everyone else afraid when you, yourself will do things that put you in fear(supposedly)

just heard a report from a liberal that went to fla for the ball game. she was complaining that she was afraid because she saw so many unmasked and enjoying themselves in large groups.

if your so afraid, why didnt you leave and get out of there? no, you stayed and enjoyed yourself. and now that it is done, you use the fear factor to try to make a point and make everyone feel sorry for you. sorry, I dont feel any empathy with you. you had a chance to get out and didnt. this is no more than fear mongering. pushing the narrative. open your eyes folks and learn. if you know someplace doesnt fit your fears, then leave , dont go. if you do go? dont try and make an emotional play to get someones pity.

this whole thing seems driven by fear. when in actuallity, you look and read, its not that bad. STOP THE FEAR CULTURE FOR POLITICS.


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