so this article comes out from cbs news and I have to question it.

Vaccine offers more protection against COVID-19 than natural immunity, CDC study finds – CBS News

hmmm are they basing this totally on antibodies? with the mandates being get a shot every 6 months, sure your going to have greater antibodies than a person that simply got the bug. they are leaving out the rest of the science. you see, after a time, say 6 months, your body determines it no longer needs the antibodies, and transfers that info to your t and b cells. upon reinfection, the t and b cells tell you body to recreate the antibodies. you may feel unwell for a day, bit thats the period that your body is recreating the antibodies and you will still be protected.

what I am saying is that natural immunity is as good or better than the jab. that they are totally leaving out the science of the t and b cells, and only depending on anti body tests. so their conclusions are are in fact, wrong.

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