Ask questions and speak up!!
Not my experience but a person from my town:
Did anybody go in to vote and have Murphy’s name or any others pop up as the machine went live and before they even touched the screen?
For me, Murphy and DeCaro’s names popped up. I thought that maybe I touched something. It took TWO taps of Ciattarelli’s name before his box lit up and DeCaro’s name disappeared.
After my selections, I took a photo of the screen before casting my vote.
Just wondering, because there are reports coming in that this is happening in Freehold and Little Silver as well. Please speak up – this needs to be reported as potential voter fraud.
I’m waiting for a phone call, but I will get info on who to report it to (State Police, Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office, Newsmax, Fox News…ck…sorry….etc)

Sharon Medina

Watch your vote!!! Triple check it and the paper you get back. I heard the same thing from alot of people. Murphy name came on their vote and that was not who they were voting for. Report it immediately. Can’t let them get away with it again!!
May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Red Wave 2021-NJ Anne Marie 43m Here we go again!! Someone save NJ !! (No subject) My wife went to vote yesterday at Little Silver Women's Club and when in the booth,voted for Ciattarelli and Murphy's name came up instead. found out today that the same thing happened to other people. Some of the people called Freehold and were told that they are getting complaints also. The question was asked are these new machines. They were told the machines are two months old and were ordered by Governor Murphy Could this be possible?'

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