I was fortunate enough to have an event in my area with Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli. I found a few issues at this meet and greet. First a note for your advance team. Advertising for this event was not good. I saw only one  fb post about it on Thursday and heard nothing else. there were no signs in town that I saw. His advance team put up the usual campaign signs about an hour before he got here. Not one of the signs said hey, come here. I got to the rally and shook hands with Mr Ciattarelli and asked to ask a couple of questions. He asked if I could wait till after he said hi to everyone. I said ok.

The event seemed to go pretty well, with him saying hi to everyone. due to the bad advertising, there was a smaller crowd than what you might expect. that’s ok. That meant He could talk to people longer. His speech was well practiced and did hit on all the right notes. He got most of his campaign notes in. He had enough staffers and volunteers there to keep the crowd going and himself staffed and able to keep up with who was there.

Admittedly, my questions were odd, but they were designed to not only hear his answer, but how he  would answer, and to give him something to look at and think about. Actually I did not expect him to know the answers. On this he failed, as instead of a political answer or simply I don’t know and listening to the answer I had, he tried to staff them out again. A hint Mr. Ciattarelli, when someone has questions at a meet and greet, they expect to get the answers from you, not your staff. Sir, you had no clue who I was. I may have been willing to donate 500$ or more to your campaign. Not now. Sir, remember who it is that will get you into  office, the little people.  While I will vote for you, the lesser of 2 evils, I can not support you.

Mr. Ciattarelli, I hope you and your staff take this small missive as a lesson and learn from it. We are tired of the usual BS from politicians. Show us that you will not forget us once you get in office. We, The People want and deserve better.


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