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NJ voting Problems

Ask questions and speak up!!
Not my experience but a person from my town:
Did anybody go in to vote and have Murphy’s name or any others pop up as the machine went live and before they even touched the screen?
For me, Murphy and DeCaro’s names popped up. I thought that maybe I touched something. It took TWO taps of Ciattarelli’s name before his box lit up and DeCaro’s name disappeared.
After my selections, I took a photo of the screen before casting my vote.
Just wondering, because there are reports coming in that this is happening in Freehold and Little Silver as well. Please speak up – this needs to be reported as potential voter fraud.
I’m waiting for a phone call, but I will get info on who to report it to (State Police, Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office, Newsmax, Fox News…ck…sorry….etc)

Sharon Medina

Watch your vote!!! Triple check it and the paper you get back. I heard the same thing from alot of people. Murphy name came on their vote and that was not who they were voting for. Report it immediately. Can’t let them get away with it again!!
May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Red Wave 2021-NJ Anne Marie 43m Here we go again!! Someone save NJ !! (No subject) My wife went to vote yesterday at Little Silver Women's Club and when in the booth,voted for Ciattarelli and Murphy's name came up instead. found out today that the same thing happened to other people. Some of the people called Freehold and were told that they are getting complaints also. The question was asked are these new machines. They were told the machines are two months old and were ordered by Governor Murphy Could this be possible?'

pepermint patty and the constitution


ok so they have thrown out the constitution. there is nothing in the constitution that is about your health or the federal govt’s ability to mandate a health issue. and since there is nothing that according to the 10th amendment goes back to the states. and if its not in the states constitution it goes directly to the people.

what it’s ok as long as it is pot? but not ok if it is a worthless jab?

there has to be something about this jab that they put in it. I mean to exclude anyone that had the bug and natural immunity? the more I read the less I like the jab.

now even if you got the J&J they want you to get the moderna or pfizer jab to boost it??? really? just what are they changing in the dna? what is this talk about graphine? or the microbes? i am discounting those for now, as i dont have enough info on it.  I will NEVER get the jab from my initial research on it. see blog post 41.

This is a fight for our country. this is a fight to maintain the Constitution. This is a fight for our freedoms.


Have we missed the boat?

Have we missed the boat? Is it too late to repair the damage done?

It occurs to me that we have been in a war for a lot longer than you think.  The war? For the minds of the populace.  Remember this quote?

Vladimir Lenin

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

― Vladimir Lenin

it would appear that after 3 generations, by my reccollection we have come to the point that we have forgotten history, and history is being rewritten.  It seems to me that since about the 1970’s there have been forces in play to fundamentally change the US.  It started in school, where so many of these things start. If you can teach the young, that is what they will know the rest of their lives. Look at the small changes in the schools over the years. I will take one subject as an example. In this case history. back before the 70’s we had courses like American history and world history and the constitution . in the 70’s they changed it to social studies and dropped the course on the constitution. it has evolved so far that now, there is no American history, hardly any world history, and now it is black history and gender studies.
I keep thinking that we are close to repeating the history of the romans and their decline from the greatest empire to a shambles.
remember this quote?
George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” as stated in his work, The Life of Reason: Reason in Common Sense.
Is it too late? Have we lost the battle because we may not have seen it happening?  Did we simply let it slip by while we weren’t looking? Is there a path we can take at this point that will lead us back to greatness?  We have kids that do not know their history, can not tell time, can not do math, can not read cursive. But they are told they can choose their gender, have an abortion with out parental permission. Where racism was almost whipped out, because no one thought about it, and we were taught back in the 70’s that there are no differences, to now you must bow before a certain race or sickness.
How can we return to sanity? Is there an option to fix what I perceive as broken?
I pray to God there is a way to fix this.

Atlanta Shooting

Well, here we go again.

watching the news on the Atlanta shooter, after hearing the presser from the sheriff, I say , Wow, just wow.

We are in for another false race card being played. The shooter was a psycho, who got crazy about his sex addiction and guilt about it. He admitted that. He admitted that he went in there to take out the cause of his guilt. It was NOT a racial motive.

Who here missed this point? That of the fact those were houses of prostitution? That they were all asian “employees” except a few? That this is an indication that there is an asian mob? That these may have been a sign of sex trafficking? That there is everything there, EXCEPT racism? There is so much to this story that appears to be hidden, or at least not being talked about. Did anyone miss the fact that he used those “massage parlors” in the past? or the fact that he got his gun unlawfully?  Or that these places were apparently able to provide these services for so long?

Then we see tweets like. “the shooter said it wasn’t racist, but he just doesn’t know it was yet” saying that even if it wasn’t racist, we will make it so. Is this what we are going to be seeing in the years to come? Where a heinious crime is put on the back burner and the worst part is said to be a case of racism? Is this really what we want to teach?  That the crime of murder and psychosis is to take a back seat to an imagined crime of racism? Or that we are not to worry about sex trafficking and prostitution are not a problem?

Where did we go wrong?